A wallet is something most men use to carry their important items such as their money, driving licence and credit cards.   Losing your wallet can be a real problem.

One man who lost his wallet had a real surprise when someone contacted him and returned it to him. The surprise was, that he had lost it almost 70 years ago.

Edward Parker was an electrician when he was young and one day he dropped his wallet behind a bookcase while he was working in 1950. The wallet stayed there until this year when a builder was doing some work and he moved the bookcase. He managed to find Edward Parker and return the wallet to him.

Edward is now 89 years old but he was very happy to be reunited with his wallet as it contained some photos of his mother, his wife and his father.


a wallet a small case for carrying bank notes and bank cards

an electrician a person who works with electricity

to reunite to bring 2 things together