Many British people complain about their electricity bills, but an investigation has shown that British homes are wasting £1.7 billion every year. The main cause is leaving TVs, games consoles and other household appliances on standby instead of turning everything off when not in use.

Research shows that 75% of households lose £80 just by not properly switching off their TV sets while 40% of games players waste another £30 by leaving their consoles plugged in. The size of the TV also makes a difference as the larger screens use more energy.

Other reasons why energy is wasted is leaving lights on in rooms when no-one is at home and using old fridges and freezers which are not energy efficient. As well as wasting electricity, leaving appliances on standby can also be a fire risk.


on standby:   on reduced power mode

a household:   a group of people or a family living together

appliances:   small machines which require electricity