Number 164

Today you can practise your pronunciation using the irregular verb:  

to begin   began   begun

Notice that this verb can take the infinitive or the gerund with no difference in meaning.

 For example:    He began to read.     He began reading.

Repeat the sentences and try to copy my voice.


Past simple

It began to rain at 2 o’clock.

He began climbing over the wall.

They began to laugh at the film.

Present Perfect

I’ve begun to learn Spanish.

We’ve begun to get up early every day.

She’s begun to eat more vegetables.

Future with ‘will’

We’ll begin the test in 10 minutes.

They’ll begin to arrive very soon.

I’ll begin to read the letter now.

Past Perfect

I’d begun to worry about you.

They’d begun to walk home in the dark.

We’d begun to lose hope.