Cilla Black

Hundreds of people stood by the road in Liverpool yesterday to say goodbye to one of their favourite celebrities. Cilla Black was an English singer, television presenter and actress who died recently. She began her career as a singer in1963 and she had eleven hit songs. She then became a poplular TV presenter. Her funeral was held in her home town of Liverpool.

Liverpool is a city in the north east of England. It is best known for being the home of the 1960s pop group, The Beatles. People who come from Liverpool are known as ‘Liverpudlians’ or ‘Scousers’ and they have a strong and unique English accent.

Liverpool is an important cultural centre within the United Kingdom, incorporating music, performing arts, museums and art galleries, literature and nightlife. It’s also the home of two successful Premier League football teams, Everton and Liverpool.


a funeral               a ceremony when someone dies

a celebrity              a well-known, famous person

a hit song               a song which becomes popular and successful