The British Climate

When British people think of the summer months of June, July and August they usually think of picnics in the countryside, spending a day at the seaside or having a barbecue in the garden. However, the weather during the last few days has not been suitable for any of these activities.

On Friday heavy storms disrupted the whole the southeast of England and many houses on the south coast were flooded. Some areas had the same quantity of rain which usually falls in a month in just a few hours. There were also more than 3,000 lightning strikes. In the town of Eastbourne a shopping centre had to be evacuated because of flooding. In Brighton some of the platforms at the railway station were also covered with rain water.

Fortunately the weather is expected to improve over the weekend and the usual summer activities can continue.


to disrupt                      to cause problems

to flood                          to be covered with water

lightning                       flashes of light during an electrical storm

to evacuate                   to ask people to leave something

a platform                     the place where you wait for a train