An ancient tooth

Two young students found something extremely unusual this week. They were working as a volunteers on an archaeological dig in the South of France when one of them came across a tooth. Scientists have examined the tooth and they believe that it’s 550,000 years old.

Experts are very excited about the discovery as they think that the tooth is the oldest human remains ever found in France. They hope that the tooth will provide important information about the humans who lived in Europe. By looking at the shape and condition of the tooth they can discover a lot about the eating habits of the person. They already know that the owner of the tooth lived during a cold, dry period of time and that they hunted and ate horse, reindeer, bison and rhinoceros. They are unable to discover if the tooth belonged to a male or a female.


a volunteer       someone who works without pay

a dig                 to make a hole in the ground

to come across         to find by chance  (phrasal verb)

reindeer/bison          wild animals