An unusual building

One of London’s newest buildings is causing problems in London for the second time. The skyscraper is number 20 Fenchurch Street, but it’s also known as the ‘walkie talkie’ building because of its shape. The building is 525 feet tall and cost £200 million to build. However, two years ago it reflected the heat from the sun onto the road below. A car parked near the building actually melted and parts of the building had to be changed.

The new problem caused by the building seems to be very strong wind. The shape of the building causes a wind tunnel effect and people say that they were almost pushed onto the ground by the sudden strong wind. Damage has also been cause to other buildings close by and there are fears that the sudden strong wind could cause a serious accident.


a skyscraper           a very tall building

a walkie talkie         a small device you hold in your hand to talk to someone

to melt                    to change from a solid to a liquid