Glastonbury: a famous music festival


Last weekend around 175,000 people travelled to the small village of Glastonbury in the south west of England. The festival held there every year has become the largest performing arts festival in the world.

The festival attracts people of all ages and some of the most famous artists in the world have performed there. This year one of the top acts was an American rapper called Kanye West.

Accommodation at the festival is mostly tents and the organisers of the festival provide many fields for camping. Tickets generally go on sale at the beginning of April but they are usually sold out immediately. As well as music, there is theatre, circus, cabaret, markets and children’s activities. Attending the festival is often described as ‘an experience of a life time’.


a tent                   you sleep in it when you go camping

sold out                 all the tickets have been sold, no more are available

a field                    an area of grass, part of a farm