A very smelly flower


The Eden Project is a visitor attraction in Cornwall, in the south of England. It has enormous greenhouses called bio-domes which are full of plants that are collected from all around the world. One of the domes has a tropical environment and the second has a Mediterranean environment.

Visitors this week will get an unusual surprise. Inside one of the domes there is a huge plant called a Titan Arum. It is one of the biggest types of plant in the world and it produces a strange yellow flower, which only lasts for 48 hours before dying. When the flower opens it produces a terrible smell, like rotting meat. The plant has taken 9 years to get to its current height. The plant comes from Sumatra, which is an Indonesian island.


a greenhouse          a building made of glass, you grow plants inside it

to rot, rotting          when something is old and bad

current                    at the moment