A trapped insect on a plane


Flybe is small British airline which operates regular flights to France, Spain, Germany, Scotland, Portugual and Ireland. Yesterday a Flybe plane took off as usual in Southampton and was due to arrive in Dublin an hour later. However, as soon as the plane was in the air, passengers were told that the plane needed to return to the airport. Apparently, flight engineers had found that a small bee, which is a flying insect, was stuck on one of the plane’s important instruments. The pilot had to turn around and land the plane back in Southampton. The passengers then had a two hour delay while engineers removed the bee.

Although the passengers had a two hour delay, some people though it was amusing that the name of the airline is Flybe, and the delay was caused by a flying bee.


due                 expected

took off           when a plane leaves the ground     to take off:  phrasal verb

to land            when a plane comes down onto the ground

a bee              a flying insect which makes honey

Phrasal verb

to take off

the plane took off at 2 pm

What time does the plane take off?

The plane had already taken off when I arrived at the airport.

a delay            a period of time, lateness