A dog has won a top TV show



One of the UK’s most popular television programmes is a talent show called ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. The competition started in 2007 and takes place every year. Anyone can enter the show, including children and animals, to try to win a place in the live final.

This year the final of the competition included a wide range of performers. There were singers, dancers, some choirs, a magician and a young girl doing martial arts. However, the surprise winner this year was a dog called Matisse. Matisse is a Border Collie dog and her owner and trainer is called Jules O’Dwyer. Matisse is incredibly well trained and together they perform impressive tricks. Not everyone is happy with the result as some people feel that animals should not used for entertainment.


talent              a skill

the final          the last part of a competition

a choir             a group of singers

martial arts       for example, judo, karate