Picnics and barbecues


Now that the summer is almost here, many British people start to plan picnics and barbecues with their friends and families. Picnics are more traditional and are always popular with young children. The idea is to back a large bag with food and drink and head off into the countryside or to a park. Children can play while the adults relax and enjoy the sunshine. Typical picnic food is usually sandwiches because these are easy to transport and easy to eat. You might also include some crisps, cake and fruit. Although the food is rather limited, you have the opportunity to explore new places and enjoy nature.

Barbecues in the garden are a more modern addition to British life and they do have some advantages over picnics. You don’t need to carry a heavy bag and food can be stored in the fridge. The food is also hot and freshly cooked. One disadvantage, however, is that you haven’t actually left your home or explored a new area so the feeling of having a family adventure is missing.


to head off        phrasal verb – to start a journey

It’s time to head off now.

We headed off at 4 pm.