Remembering Ian Curtis


This year the British music industry is celebrating the life and work of an English musician and singer-songwriter called Ian Curtis. He was the lead singer of a band called Joy Division during the early 1980s and his band is usually described as ‘post punk’. Punk was a style of music which developed in the USA and Britain during the mid-1970s.

Ian Curtis was known for his deep voice, his songwriting and his unusual dancing. His songs were about emptiness and alienation. Sadly, he suffered from epilepsy and depression and he committed suicide in May 1980, which is exactly 35 years ago. His music is still greatly respected and is now popular with a new generation of music fans.


the lead singer              the main singer

emptiness (n)                without meaning    (adj:  empty)

alienation                      isolation     to alienate (v)

Learn a new phrasal verb:

to let someone down:  to fail to do something which you should have done

He didn’t help me when I had problems, he let me down.

Please don’t let me down, I need your support.