The video game Minecraft was created by a Swedish programmer and is now incredibly popular. The game enables players to build things out of 3D cubes and create their own world. On the internet the game is now the most searched for word, apart from the word ‘music’.

Although millions of young people play Minecraft, parents are not always so keen on the game. Many of them would prefer their children to play outside, go on a bike ride or play football in the park. Some parents feel that the game is taking over their children’s lives and that they become irritable and unhappy when they are not playing it.

Other parents are more supportive and feel that there are some positive and educational elements to the game. They suggest that it encourages children to try to run their own game server and to make and edit their own videos.


keen on               to like something

irritable                in a bad mood, easily upset

Learn to use a new phrasal verb:

to fall out with someone:  to have a disagreement, to not be friends any more

I fell out with my friend last week.  We had an argument.

It’s easy to fall out with someone if you have very different opinions.