A new Masterchef


English food may not be the best food in the world, but English people love watching TV programmes about cooking and food. One of the most popular programmes at the moment is called ‘Masterchef’. People who enter the competition are not professional chefs. They are just people who enjoy cooking. They have to prepare dishes in a television studio and they need to work quickly and under a lot of pressure. The food must taste delicious and must also be presented in an elegant way.

This year’s winner is a 38-year-old man man called Simon Wood. He said that he has dreamed of being a top chef since he was 8 years old.   His menu in the final of the competition was very ambitious and included octopus, pigeon and a lemon dessert. He now hopes to start a career in the restaurant business.


a dish           ingredients put together to make a part of a meal   eg. spaghetti Bolognese    or chicken curry

ambitious      to try something difficult and challenging

pigeon          a large bird

octopus         a sea animal with 8 legs

Learn a phrasal verb:

to put off something/to put something off:    to postpone, to move to a later date

We need to put off the meeting until tomorrow.