The London Marathon


The streets of London will be busy tomorrow as it’s the day of the 35th London Marathon. The race has taken place every year since 1981 and each year more and more runners take part. This year there will be more 40,000 people on the starting line.

The course of the marathon goes around the River Thames and is 42 km long. The race begins at three separate points and after 4.5 km the three different routes come together. The runners pass many famous landmarks during the race such as Tower Bridge, The Tower of London, Big Ben and the London Eye.

As well as the challenge of the race, most people try to collect money for a charity. So far runners have raised over £600 million for good causes.


a landmark         a well-known building or feature

a challenge         something difficult

a charity            an organisation which helps people in need

a good cause      helping someone who really needs it