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The 21st April is Queen Elizabeth II birthday as she was born on this day in 1926. Unlike most of us however, she actually has two birthdays. This is a tradition which dates back to 1748. The rule is that if the King or Queen’s real birthday is in the winter, they can choose to have an official birthday in the summer when the weather is better for birthday parades. This year the Queen will be 89 years old. The Queen usually spends her actual birthday privately with her family. She has 3 sons, a daughter, grandchildren and great-grandchren.   The event is also marked in public by gun salutes in central London at midday. Elizabeth II became Queen in 1952 and the coronation ceremony in Westminster Abbey was the first one to be shown live on television.


a parade           a procession through a town or city

a gun salute       a large gun is fired to celebrate a special occasion

a coronation      the ceremony when a crown is put on a King or Queen

Learn to use a phrasal verb:

to look forward to something:  to think about something good which will happen

I’m looking forward to my holiday.

I’m looking forward to starting my new job.