Stolen Jewellery


Hatton Garden is an area in the east of London which is famous for being the jewellery centre of the UK. This tradition started back in Medieval times when the city had certain streets which specialised in a type of business. Today there are around 300 businesses in Hatton Garden which are related to the jewellery and diamond industry and over 55 shops.

Last week a robbery took place and thieves managed to break into the building and open 56 safety deposit boxes. These boxes are where people can store their valuable items. The thieves worked over the weekend to drill holes in the wall and to enter the building. Then they escaped with the jewellery in a white van. The police have not said exactly how much has been stolen.


jewellery           rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings

thieves             people who steal      1 thief     2 thieves

valuable           things which have a  high value


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