The University Boat Race

Rowing shell on water

Tomorrow in London there will be a very popular sporting event on the River Thames. The universities of Cambridge and Oxford both have excellent rowing teams. Every year for the last 160 years the teams travel to London to take part in an important race. The race is just over 4 miles long and usually takes about 20 minutes. The current score is that Cambridge have won the race 81 times and Oxford 78 times. There are eight rowers in each boat and a cox who steers the boat and coaches the rowing crew.

Tomorrow, for the first time ever, the women’s rowing teams will also be racing. The women’s race starts at 4.50pm, the men’s at 5.50pm. Thousands of people will stand along the banks of the river to watch. Some are keen fans of rowing, but many just enjoy the excitement and atmosphere of the event.


to steer             to control the direction

the crew            the members of the rowing team

keen                 enthusiastic

Phrasal Verb:

to take part in:    to participate in

Two teams will take part in the race.