A Bank Holiday Weekend


This weekend, most British people have four days off work, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The reason is of course, the Christian festival of Easter but Friday and Monday are called Bank Holidays.

There are eight Bank holidays every year and this became official when a law was passed in 1871. Although the banks are all closed, nowadays many shops, pubs and restaurants stay open.

The Easter bank holiday weekend is a time when most British people make plans to spend time with friends or family. The weather is beginning to become warmer and the days are longer and brighter. Gardening, walking, going to the seaside and cooking a big roast dinner for the family are all popular ways of spending the weekend.


a roast dinner              when a large piece of meat is cooked in the oven, e.g. beef

Learn a new phrasal verb:

to come up with:     to suddenly think of

He came up with a great idea.

She always comes up with the right answer.