The Magna Carta:  An Important Document DSC02104

If you interested in history you might like to know about an important document called the ‘Magna Carta’. The words Magna Carta are Latin and mean ‘great charter’. The charter was a written agreement made between King John and the people of England in 1215, which is exactly 800 years ago.

The charter became an important part of English life, although some parts of it were changed over the years. The most famous part is that it gave everyone in England the right to justice and a fair trial. This idea has been copied by other political documents all over the world. Today people still think of the Magna Carta as an important symbol of freedom and it’s still one of the most famous documents in the world. There are just four original copies of the charter which were written in Latin. These are kept in London, Lincoln and Salisbury and are displayed for visitors to see.


a charter         a written document of basic rules

justice             fairness

a trial              the process of deciding if someone is guilty or innocent

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