Who will be the next Prime Minister of Britain?




In 40 days time there will be an important election in Britain when the new Prime Minister is elected. From now until then, the leaders of the main political parties will be doing everything possible to try to persuade people to vote for them.

Last night the current Prime Minister, David Cameron, appeared on television along with his main opponent, Ed Miliband. Both men were interviewed on live television and then they both had to answer questions from a studio audience. It was an important event because many British people have still not decided who they will vote for.

The main topics for discussion are the economy, the health service, the European Union, taxation and immigration. Voting is not compulsory, and in the last election 65% of British people voted.


Prime Minister        the leader of Britain

an election             when people choose their leader

live television          not recorded

compulsory             something you must do, you have no choice


Learn a new phrasal verb:

to bring up a child:   to raise a child, to take care of

My parents wanted to bring up the children in the countryside.

I was brought up by my grandparents.

Bringing up children is an important job.