St Patrick’s Day



Tuesday was a special day for Irish people, as it was St Patrick’s Day. The festival celebrates the culture of the Irish and usually involves public parades, Irish dancing, drinking Irish beer or whiskey and wearing green clothes. The festival takes place anywhere in the world where there are a community of Irish people. One very unusual tradition is in Chicago in the USA. They make the river become green for St Patrick’s day by pouring green vegetable dye into the water.

Saint Patrick is the national saint of Ireland. No one is really sure, but the story is that his parents were Roman and he was born in Britain around 385 AD. When he grew up he travelled to Ireland to teach the Christian religion.


St                    a short way of writing the word ‘saint’

dye                  a product used to make something a different colour eg. hair dye

also a verb:  to dye your hair

Learn a phrasal verb every time you listen:

to break down:      used for a car which has stopped working

Example:               My car is very old and sometimes it breaks down.   (present simple)

Yesterday the bus broke down.    (past simple)