Red Nose Day



Today is Red Nose day in the UK and all over the country people will be doing unusual and crazy things. It’s a special day organised by a charity called Comic Relief and the aim is to collect money to help poor and vulnerable people both in the UK and across the world.   It’s called Red Nose day because you can buy a plastic red nose, like a clown’s nose, and the money is used to help people. People dress up in funny costumes and organise events such as dance marathons, where you dance continually for 24 hours.

The first red Red Nose day was in 1985 and now it takes place every two years. In the evening there is always a seven hour television programme on the BBC. Lot of famous singers, comedians and actors join in and persuade people to give money.


a charity            an organisation which collects money to help people

to dress up         to wear a funny costume  (phrasal verb)

vulnerable          people who need help

a clown              a person who wears funny clothes and makes you laugh

a comedian         a person who tells funny stories and jokes