A mystery object in the sky



Cornwall is a really beautiful part of England as it has some wonderful countryside and beaches. However, at the weekend many people were very confused by a strange object they could see in the sky. A triangular shape was seen flying over the sea near the town of Bude and many people were taking photos and putting them onto Facebook to try and identify it.

The messages on Facebook received dozens of replies and there were many suggestions about what the object might be. Some people thought it was a small military fighter plane while other people thought it could be a UFO from another planet.

The answer seems to be that the mystery object was a radio-controlled seagull which had a camera fixed to it. Seagulls are very large grey and white birds which fly around the coast of Britain. Who the mechanical seagull belongs to is still a bit of a mystery.


a seagull              a large grey and white bird

triangular             adjective of a triangle

a dozen                 12

a fighter plane       a small military jet with guns