A valuable cat



An elderly lady called Doreen who lived in a small cottage in Cornwall had no idea that she had a very valuable piece of Egyptian art in her house.

When the lady died recently, her family came to the cottage to collect her belongings.   They found a small statue of a cat, which had been sitting by the lady’s fireplace for many years. They were planning to throw it away, but one of them decided to keep it to see if it had any value. When they took the cat to an expert, they were shocked to discover that the cat was made around 6000 BC and it’s worth thousands of pounds.

The bronze statue is 7 inches tall and is a small cat with gold earrings. Apparently, the lady’s husband had once worked for a company which bought and sold ancient Egyptian art so that explains how the cat ended up in her house.


valuable                worth a lot of money

a cottage               a small, old, traditional house

bronze                    a mixture of metals including copper

ancient                  very old

to end up               phrasal verb:  to finally be somewhere

BC                          before Christ