Pancake Day



Tomorrow is pancake day, which is a day that everyone enjoys. The real name of the festival is ‘Shrove Tuesday’ and it is linked to the Christian festival of Easter.

Today people enjoy making and eating pancakes either as a dessert, or as part of their main meal. Part of the fun is turning the pancake in the pan by tossing it into the air and trying to catch it again in the pan. Quite a lot of pancakes end up on the floor!

Pancakes are very simple. You just mix 110 g of plain flour with 2 large eggs. Then you slowly mix in 200 ml of milk and 75 ml of water and stir well until you have a smooth mixture like thin cream. Then you pour a small amount of the mixture into a pan containing a little hot butter. When the pancake is cooked on both sides you eat it with a little sugar and some lemon juice. Delicious!


Easter             a Christian festival in March or April

to toss             to throw something into the air

smooth            it flows easily, without lumps