Film and Television Awards



Last night was a very important night for the British film industry. An annual prize giving ceremony was held in London at the Royal Opera House and it was also shown on live television. During the evening there were many awards, but the most important prizes were for the best actor or actress and for the best film.

This year the award for the best actor was given to Eddie Redmayne who played the leading role in the new film called ‘The Theory of Everything’. The film is about the life of the famous physicist Professor Stephen Hawking. Eddie Redmayne said that last night was the best night of his life. The best film award was given to a film called ‘Boyhood’. This film is very unusual as it was made over a period of 12 years, using the same actors.


annual              every year

live television       happening in real time, not recorded


Word of the day:  smart

Smart has two meanings in English.

When used with clothing, it means well-dressed or formal.

Example:  It is important to wear smart clothes for job interviews.

The second meaning refers to intelligence.

Example:  He is a very smart student and passed his exam.