Skiing in Scotland



When most people think about skiing, they usually think of the Alps, The Pyrenees or the Rocky Mountains. The fact that there is skiing in Scotland may come as a surprise. In fact Scotland has 5 skiing areas which stretch across the country from the Highlands in the west to the Cairngorm Mountains in the east. Scotland also has Britain’s highest mountain, called Ben Nevis which is 1,344 m above sea level.

Although the skiing conditions can be wonderful, the British weather is difficult to predict. Bright sunshine and light, powder snow are possible. On the other hand, there could be an Arctic wind and wet, heavy snow. There may even be no snow at all. Of course, when the weather is good, the slopes become very busy, especially at weekends or during school holidays when people rush into the mountains to enjoy the snow.  The problem is knowing when to go.


to predict             to know what will happen in the future

to rush                 to hurry

a slope                 land which is not flat, which goes down