The launch of a new car

The car company Jaguar Land Rover has announced that it will be making a new product in its factory near Birmingham. The car is called the Jaguar F-Pace and it will be a large, 4-wheel drive vehicle that can be used on rough surfaces or on normal city roads. In the USA this type of car is called an SUV, or sports utility vehicle. In the UK it’s simply called a ‘four-wheel drive’ or a ‘four-by-four’.

In the past Jaguar and Land Rover were two separate companies but now they are part of an Indian company called Tata Motors. Today the company employs 30,500 people in the UK. Last year it sold 500,000 vehicles and 80% of these sales were outside the UK, particularly in China and the USA. The luxury car firm Jaguar say that the new car is both a sports car and a family car, so it’s confident it will be a big success.


to launch a product               to show and start selling a new product

rough                                   not flat, uneven

a vehicle                               a car, van, truck or lorry