An important year for British Politics

A new government is elected every 5 years in Britain and on May 7th of this year it will be time for British people to choose their government. There are two main parties; the Labour Party and the Conservative Party.  However, at the moment there are two political parties who work together to run the country – the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrat Party.

Politicians will work hard over the next few months to try to persuade people to vote for them. They will appear on television, on the radio and travel round the country to different British towns and cities. The main topics of discussion will be the economy, the health service, the European Union and immigration. Voting is not compulsory and in the last election of 2010, 65% of British people voted.


to persuade                to encourage

to vote                       to take part in a election

compulsory                you must do it, you have no choice

a politician                 a political leader


(The current picture is Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland).