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Happy New Year

The start of a new year is an important time for many British people and it’s celebrated in lots of different ways. Big, colourful firework displays at midnight have become popular, especially in London.

January is also a time when many British people try to change their lives in some way. These plans are called New Year resolutions and they can be anything, such as stopping smoking, doing more exercise or losing weight.

Another popular New Year activity is swimming in the sea on January 1st. This year hundreds of people around the country bravely entered the icy water for a traditional New Year’s Day swim. People often dress up in costumes to make the event more fun. This year the weather was surprisingly warm, at 13°, but the temperature of the sea was much colder at around just 6°.


fireworks                  coloured lights in the sky used to celebrate a festival

a resolution              a decision to change something

to lose weight           to become less fat

costumes                 funny clothes

6°                          6 degrees Celsius

bravely  (adverb)       brave  (adjective)   courageous