An Act of Kindness

An 22-year-old art student from Preston went out for an evening in December and unfortunately she lost her purse containing her money and her bank card. She started talking to a homeless person who was sitting by the road, and she told him what had happened. She didn’t have enough money to get home and she didn’t know what to do. The homeless man, called Robbie, didn’t hesitate and offered to lend her some money to travel home.

Once she was safely home she decided that she would do something to help homeless people to repay Robbie for his kindness. She decided to sleep out on the street for one night and to set up a web page to raise money. She has now raised £20,000 for the homeless people of Preston and she says that she hopes the money will help to change people’s lives.


a purse           where women keep their money

to raise money     to collect money for a good cause