Number 102

Travelling without a ticket

In the UK, most railway stations have barriers which prevent you from getting on a train without buying a ticket. If you do board a train without paying, and you are caught, you usually have to pay a fine.

For one London banker, the punishment was much worse. The man lived in Sussex but worked in the centre of London. He found a way to travel without paying, and did this for many years. When he was caught, he was ordered to pay back the £42,000 which he owed. He has also been banned from working in the financial services industry, so he has lost his job.

The bank said he showed a lack of honesty and integrity and the banker admitted that he had been very foolish.


a banker            a professional who works for a bank

a barrier            a kind of gate

to board             to get on

a fine                 money paid to the police

to owe money    money which you have to repay

banned              not permitted to do something

integrity             good moral behaviour