Hunger in Britain

A recent government study has shown that an increasing number of British people are too poor to buy food. The study states that 4 million people in Britain are at risk of not having enough to eat and there are now at least 272 food banks across the UK. Food banks are organisations which hand out free food to people who cannot afford to buy it.

Food is donated by schools, churches, businesses and individuals. The items are usually tinned or dried food. Many people add an extra item from a food bank shopping list to their own family shop and then put it in the food bank collection box.

The study found that families on low incomes are struggling because of rising living costs. It says that many people face the choice of either paying to heat their homes or eating.   


to hand out (phrasal verb)            to distribute

cannot afford to                            to not have enough money

low incomes                                  low wages or salary

tinned food                                   food sold in tins, eg. tomatoes

to struggle                                    to find something very difficult