Unusual Christmas Presents

There are now only 21 shopping days left before Christmas and many people are busy trying to think of unusual gifts to buy for their friends and family. If the person who you are buying for loves eating Marmite, then maybe choosing a present for them isn’t so difficult.

Marmite is probably something you have never tasted. It’s made from yeast and is a sticky, dark brown food paste with a very strong, distinctive flavour. It is also extremely salty. You can buy it in any supermarket and it is easily recognisable with its brown glass jar and bright yellow lid. English people love to eat Marmite on toast for breakfast.

For the lover of Marmite there are endless possibilities for suitable gifts. There are Marmite keyrings, books about Marmite, Marmite flavoured chocolate and even a teapot decorated in the colours of the Marmite brand.


yeast            you use this to make bread

distinctive     unique, easily recognisable

a lid              the top of a bottle or jar

suitable         correct, appropriate