Vinyl records

Buying CDs is much less common than in the past as of course most people, especially young people just download their favourite music from the internet. However, a surprising trend is taking place in the UK. It seems that the old fashioned black records made of vinyl are becoming popular again and figures show that vinyl album sales for 2013 were the highest since 1997. The best selling vinyl record is by a British group the Arctic Monkeys.

The people who are buying these vinyl records appear to be split into two distinct groups.

The generation which grew up with vinyl like to keep increasing their record collection by continuing to buy music in the format.

Meanwhile, a younger generation has adopted vinyl as a reaction to downloading music, where you pay money, but never really have anything to show for it.


an album               a collection of songs on a record or CD

figures                   statistics

vinyl                      a type of plastic

distinct                  clearly separate