Christmas Pudding

Although Christmas is still several weeks away, some of the preparation need to be done a few weeks in advance. One example is making Christmas pudding, which is usually eaten as a dessert on Christmas Day.

Christmas Pudding is a very old recipe, which dates back to the Middle Ages. It’s made with different types of dried fruit held together with eggs, flour and sugar. It also has lots of spices and some alcohol. It is then steamed for several hours, depending on its size. It is very dark in appearance, almost black as a result of the dark sugar and fruit and its long cooking time.

The pudding tastes best it if is made at least a month before it is eaten and if it is stored carefully it can be kept for a whole year. Many families have their own recipe for Christmas pudding, but of course a lot of people prefer to buy their pudding ready made from a supermarket.


a recipe              instructions how to cook something

to steam            cooked over boiling water