A conman is caught on CCTV

A cruel criminal was sent to prison yesterday for tricking his neighbour and stealing £40,000 from him.

The 47 year old man lives in Wales and he pretended to be disabled. He told his neighbour that he was unable to move his body due to an accident and that he had to use oxygen to breathe. He tricked his doctor and claimed money from the government for his neck injury. His wife said she had to look after him round the clock. The neighbour clearly felt sorry for the couple and lent them large amounts of money.

Their trick was discovered when the man who claimed to be disabled was seen on CCTV going shopping and going on holiday. He was also filmed in Tesco and he was caught when police were able to trace him using the family’s loyalty card.


a conman               a criminal who tricks people

disabled                   has physical problems

round the clock        24 hours per day

to lend                     past simple:  lent   past participle:  lent

CCTV                        closed circuit television

loyalty card              a card which collects points when you buy product there