Crazy about crisps

Most British people love crisps and on average we consume about 150 packets each every year. In total, that’s more than all the other European countries put together.

Most other countries see crisps as a snack you consume like olives, with a drink and before a meal. Here, cheese & onion, ready salted and salt & vinegar crisps are not just part of our regular diet, but part of British culture.

One reason for this is that most British people love anything made of potatoes. Also, crisps go brilliantly with sandwiches, which we also consume (for lunch) more than most nations. They also complement beer, which is why they have become a typical pub snack.

Of course, this passion for crisps isn’t a very healthy one. A crisp is just a slice of potato fried in oil and sprinkled with salt, and if you eat too many of them (which some people clearly do) you won’t be eating a balanced diet.


crisps            potato chips (USA)

to sprinkle     to cover lightly

brilliantly       very well

to fry            to cook in oil      fried     fried