A song to help the Ebola Crisis

Some of the biggest names in British pop music have recorded a song together. The song is called ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ and all the profit from the record will be used to fight the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. The song was recorded on Saturday in studios in west London.

It’s not a new song. It was first recorded by a group of British artists 30 years ago when 3.7 million copies were sold and it raised £8 million for famine relief in 1984. This time the lyrics of the song have been rewritten. The pop stars on the new record include the boy band One Direction and the popular singer and song-writer Ed Sheeran. The song can be downloaded for 99p or you can buy the CD for £4, with a special CD cover designed by the well-known British artist Tracey Emin.


an epidemic          when a disease spreads rapidly

famine                  not enough food

the lyrics               the words