Children in Need

If you go into any British town or city tomorrow you may well see some strange sights. Every year the BBC organises a special day called ‘Children in Need’ and this year’s event takes place tomorrow.

The aim of the day is to raise money for disabled children and young people in the UK and a special programme will be on TV from 7.30 in the evening until 2 am on Saturday morning. Lots of celebrities take part, such as singers, actors and TV stars. This type of programme is called Telethon as during the evening viewers are encouraged to call a special number and donate money to the charity.

As well as the TV programme, many people in offices and schools plan their own special events. People dress up in funny costumes or sell cakes and collect money from their colleagues and friends. Last year a record breaking £31 million was donated. No doubt the BBC are hoping to raise even more money this year.


in need                  people who need help

disabled                 people with physical problems

celebrities              famous people

viewers                  people who are watch TV

to donate              to give

a charity               an organisation which helps people