Rush hour chaos in London

Central London is always busy and the roads are even more congested during the morning rush hour. Last week the traffic jams were particularly bad due to a luxury car which was left in the middle of Tower Bridge.

The car was a white Lamborghini worth at least £250,000. Apparently, the owner of the car ran out of petrol the night before and instead of calling for help, he just abandoned the car on the bridge. It was still there, blocking the road, in the morning when all the morning commuters were trying to get to work.

When the police eventually found the owner, they discovered that he was already wanted for another offence, so he was arrested and taken to a police station. The car has, of course, been removed from the bridge and taken to a police car park.


rush hour           when the roads are busy with people travelling to and from work

congested           crowded

traffic jam          the roads are full of cars

commuters         people who travel to work

an offence          a crime