National Curry Week

Although most traditional English food is not spicy at all, it’s quite surprising that one of the nation’s favourite foods is Indian style curry. This fact is celebrated every year by National Curry Week. Now in its 17th year, the aim of this special week is to promote the style of cooking and also to raise money for hunger and poverty in South Asia.

There are so many different varieties of curry and Curry Week is a chance to explore a new curry recipe every day of the week. Dishes can be made with chicken, lamb, beef, fish and vegetables. Meals served in British restaurants are usually graded from mild to very hot so that customers who don’t like their food too spicy can avoid the very hot dishes.

One of the reasons that curry restaurants are so popular is that they are usually reasonably priced and it is generally an informal occasion, accompanied of course, by plenty of beer.


hunger (noun)       hungry (adjective)

poverty  (noun)     poor  (adjective)

mild                       not hot

the aim                  the purpose