Action in Space

A new science fiction film is about to arrive in British cinemas. It’s called ‘Interstellar’ and is a futuristic thriller. The film is directed by Christopher Nolan, who was born in London and has some famous stars such as the American actress Anne Hathaway and the British actor Michael Caine.

The film is about the search to find a new place for humans to live as the planet earth is dying. Great clouds of dust blow across the earth making it impossible for humans to breathe without wearing a mask. A team are given the job of leading a mission into space to locate a new planet.

The film is very ambitious and has some impressive visual sequences. As well as the action, it also focuses on a relationship between a father and a daughter. Critics have described the film as ‘breathtaking’ and it has received some good reviews.


dust                    small particles

breathtaking       amazing

a critic                a person who writes about films