A night of fireworks

November 5th is an important date for British people – it’s the night when most cities and towns celebrate Bonfire Night by lighting fires and fireworks.

The history of Bonfire Night goes back to 1605 when a Catholic man called Guy Fawkes tried to kill the king by placing a bomb under the Houses of Parliament in London. Fortunately for the King, the bomb was discovered and the King’s life was saved. The firework displays and large fires remember this event in British history.

In the past, Bonfire Night was celebrated in local communities and family gardens. However, due to the dangerous nature of fireworks, today most people will gather in their towns and cities around 7.30 pm and watch official firework displays. Needless to say, the night is particularly popular with children.


a bonfire                a big fire, usually wood

fortunately             luckily

to gather                to come together