Paddington Bear arrives in London

Paddington Bear is a character from a series of children’s books written in the 1960s. The books tell stories about the adventures of a very polite bear from Peru who is adopted by an English family when they find him at Paddington railway station. The books were written by a English author called Michael Bond and the stories have been translated in 30 languages and have sold more than 300,000 copies all over the world.

A new film about Paddington Bear has just been made and will be in cinemas from 28th November. To promote the film a group of 50 Paddington Bear statues have been designed and these will be placed in various locations in London. Each statue is different as the bears’ clothes have been designed by British celebrities. Tourists who want to find all the statues can find a map on the internet which shows where each one is located.


 adopted           become the son or daughter of new parents

a statue           a model of a person or animal