A clever parrot

An escaped parrot impressed the police recently by telling them the identity of his owner.

The parrot is a three-year-old African grey called Zorba. He had been lost for six weeks after flying away while his cage was being cleaned. A Turkish man had found the parrot and decided to keep it as a pet in his shop. When the real owner of the bird realised that his parrot was now living in a kebab shop he contacted the police. The police arrived and took the parrot back to the police station but unfortunately they needed evidence that the bird, which is worth around £2,000 was really his.

Luckily the bird made their job very easy. When the owner’s mobile phone rang, the parrot did a perfect imitation of the owner’s voice saying hello. The police knew immediately that the parrot had been reunited with its real owner.


a parrot              a colourful tropical bird which can speak

evidence             proof

to imitate            to copy