David Beckham – life after football

David Beckham is, of course, one of the world’s most famous football players. Although he actually stopped playing professionally a year ago, he is still a soccer legend who earns around £15 million pounds a year from promotional work.

He has his own company called ‘Footwork Productions’ and apparently he is even more popular now than while he was playing football. When it comes to advertising products he is the perfect celebrity as people are interested in him as a father of three children and as the wife of Victoria Beckham. This makes him appealing to the public and he has become a genuine icon.

His wife is also a successful business woman as she has her own company called ‘Moody Productions’. Last year her company made £116,000 profit and she has become a respected fashion designer.

a legend             a person who will be remembered in the future

a celebrity           a famous person

appealing            liked by many people