The Lonely Life of a Pop Star

Members of one of the most popular bands in the UK have confessed that being successful has made them feel isolated and lonely. The band is called ‘One Direction’ and they first became famous when they entered a TV talent competition, The X Factor. Although they didn’t win the competition, it launched their musical careers and they have continued to have international success.

The band consists of 5 young British men all in their early 20s and together they have made three CDs, won awards and have had hit songs all over the world. Like all successful musicians they travel constantly and spend a lot of time in hotel rooms or on their tour bus. This means that they are often far away from their friends and family. Another problems is that wherever they go there are always hundreds of fans hoping to catch a glimpse of their favourite singers.


to launch a career          to start a career

to catch a glimpse          to see very quickly